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Casselberry, FL Custom Screen Builders are Orlando’s premier screen enclosure professionals. At LAC, we design, build, and repair pool cages, sunrooms, and screen rooms throughout Central, FL, and the Greater

Orlando area. We also rescreen and repair existing screen enclosures using premium Phifer screens made right here in the USA.

We provide free, in-home estimates and design consultations. We are a state-licensed specialty structure contractor (License# SCC131152193) / fully insured for your protection. Our highly skilled team of consultants, engineers, builders, and service technicians serve Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area. Give us a call today for your free estimate and in-home design consultation and see how we can help enhance your Florida lifestyle!

Why you should choose LAC as your construction company:

Reliable Pool enclosures

  • We are a fully state-licensed contractor with both general liability and workers comp insurance coverages;
  • Impeccable workmanship and professional service;
  • Affordable prices;
  • We guarantee our work – warranty on workmanship;
  • Over 30 years of combined experience;
  • Free estimates and design consultations;

We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We value your business and invite you to contact us today for all your construction needs in Casselberry, FL! We look forward to working with you! L.A. Construction is the right company for your project!

Why Us?  


LAC is here to provide a level of service and professionalism that far surpasses that of our competitors. Do not just take my word for it, though. Keep reading below to see exactly how and why L.A. Construction – Custom Screen Builders is the #1 choice when it comes to aluminum screen enclosure contractors in Central Florida.

Experience Spanning Thousands of Projects

From both small projects (like individual panel repairs) to huge projects with several moving parts (such as a new concrete slab and/or footer, along with pavers, and/or pool deck resurfacing in conjunction with a new pool enclosure), in 2020 alone we were fortunate to work with over 3,000 of your friends, family members, and neighbors. That equates to an absolute ton of aluminum extrusion, stacks several stories tall of composite roof panels, many football fields worth of super gutter, rolls upon endless rolls of screen mesh, and most importantly a WHOLE LOT of experience.


LAC is an established operation with a reputation for quality. We have a real physical presence in the local community. We have been here for quite some time now and we are not going anywhere. When you need us, we will be just a phone call and/or email away.

Licensed and Insured

When hiring LAC, you rest assured you are fully covered. We are an FL state licensed contractor in good standing, and we carry over $1,000,000 of general liability and workers’ comp insurance for your protection and peace of mind. Click here to view our license.

Drug-Free Workplace

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not just hire anyone. All our employees are held to the highest standard, which includes periodic random drug testing.

Dedicated Project Manager

All permitted projects are assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee your project from administration through to completion of the installation. This is to help ensure that your project is handled attentively and that no details get lost in the mix.

Family and Owner Operated

While, yes, we do see thousands of customers every single year, we are still a small, family-owned business.


All our customers speak for themselves. You will see our reputation for quality has been earned through hard work and dedication to our previous customers.


What to Know Before Hiring a Screen Enclosure Contractor  

So you already have a vision for your new backyard and have a solid idea of what all the benefits of enclosing the space are. Here are the most important items you will need to consider when searching for the right local screen enclosure contractor for your project:

1. State Licensed and Insured Contractors

If you’re looking to build a new screen enclosure or sunroom, you should make sure to obtain quotes from an FL State licensed contractor. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Having a state license, general liability, and workers’ comp insurance is critical because it protects both parties from anything that might go wrong during the process. A state-licensed contractor will be happy to provide you with proof of license and insurance. They will also be able to handle all permitting requirements, whereas an unlicensed contractor will not be able to pull the permits that are required for your new structure. Adding a new structure such as a pool enclosure, screen room, sunroom, or patio without the proper building permits and engineering could jeopardize you with local government agencies – this will open you to possible fines, as well as possibly hold up the sale of your home in the event you decide to list it on the market.

Be careful about companies attempting to present themselves as licensed contractors and be on the lookout for individuals attempting to pass off a workers’ compensation “exemption” as being the same thing as full workers’ comp insurance coverage. An exemption is not the same thing as having full workers’ compensation coverage and can leave you, as the homeowner (or your homeowner’s insurance), liable for injuries that may occur during the course of your project.

You can easily verify someone’s contractor license online at:

Or just Google the following in the search box: “myfloridalicense”

This will take you to the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) website.

L.A. Construction’s license # is: SCC131152193

2. Know your Budget

It makes it much easier for both parties when you have a rough idea of what your budget is. While design and certain upgradable items are important, budget plays an important role in the type of enclosure you choose. The companies you’re obtaining estimates from can very easily work backward from your available budget to provide you the screen enclosure or sunroom that meets both your budget and as many (if not all) of the design criteria you’re looking for.

3. Choose a Design for your Enclosure

  • Evaluate your space and if applicable the size and location of your swimming pool and concrete pool deck.
  • Decide whether or not you would like to have an additional solid roof covering or have the entire top of the enclosure be screen.
  • Choose your materials: upgrade decking with pavers, or resurface the existing concrete pool deck. Design of enclosure. Screen type. Fastener Type. Kickplate or no kickplate. These are just a few of the many options you will have to consider.

4. Select the Professional Contractor

  • You’ll want to hire a contractor that has the experience necessary to design, build, obtain the proper building permits, and install your pool enclosure, screen room, or sunroom. Some contractors are excellent with painting homes, some contractors complete top-quality reroofs. Other contractors may specialize in home buildouts, but do these contractors specialize in the design, and installation of pool enclosures and screen rooms? This is an important question you will need to consider. Do not be misled by screen repair operations passing themselves as a licensed contractor. Some of these teams may be excellent at screen repairs, but do not have the experience and/or licensing that’s required when building a pool/patio enclosure or screen room.

So why should you choose L.A. Construction – Custom Screen Builders?

LAC has been designing and installing pool/patio enclosures and sunrooms for the past decade. We ONLY use the highest quality materials. We execute both residential and commercial projects of any size, and we handle the entire process from top to bottom. From obtaining all the necessary building permits from your local building department to securing HOA approval, we are here to navigate all the red tape so you don’t have to.

Affordable Sliding screen doors

New Construction:

  • Frame Installation
  • Screen Rooms – Glass Rooms – Insulated Rooms: Design and Construction
  • BeamPool & Patio Screen Enclosures
  • Solid Roof Screen Rooms
  • Decorative Patio Covers / Screen Rooms
  • Aluminum Pergolas (with “wood-look” aluminum)
  • Sunrooms & Glass Rooms
  • Aluminum Carports & Patio Covers
  • Screen Wall Inserts/Frame-Ins
  • Concrete & Pavers

Screen Enclosure Repair & Maintenance:

  • Full Enclosure Rescreens / Rescreening
  • Super Gutter Replacement and/or Installation
  • Individual Panel(s) Repair
  • Screen Doors & Door Hardware Replacement
  • Screw (Fastener) Replacement/Upgrades
  • Replacement Hurricane Cables
  • Pet Door Installation
  • Pet Screen & Florida Glass (Privacy Screen)
  • Various other specialty Screen available upon request
  • Beam Replacement & Metal Damage Repairs
  • Window Screens and Window Frame Replacement & Installation

Foundation Work:

  • Concrete Footer
  • Concrete Monoslabs
  • Pavers & Coping
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing (Acrylic Knockdown Texture/Paint)
  • Pool Resurfacing and Pool Tile
  • Deck Drain Installation